Cosmetic and Digital Dentistry.

iDent makes a giant leap in Dental Prosthetic communication.

When using an application for the first time, it is important that usage instruction is clearly understood for it to be fully effective.

iDent makes the ordering of Implant Parts seamless and easier, avoiding costly delays.

Case planning becomes more effective with efficient shade mapping, convenient case monitoring and easy access to study clubs and global diagnosis.

Discover iDent and commence your journey into Digital Dentistry. Our Instructional videos make system usage simple. Patient records viewed and archived safely, instant delivery of Dental Prescriptions to your lab and reach out to professional colleagues for case planning or trouble-shooting.

By Connecting and Communicating with iDent, Dental Prosthetics can be Created more esthetically for a whole new Patient experience.

Watch the iDent instructional videos

iDent iPad App

An iPad application for better communication and connectivity for you and your patients.

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